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Brexit: The Sky's Not Falling

By now you would have all heard that the people of Britain have voted to exit the European Union.   This most certainly will cause some volatility in the Global Markets based on the uncertainty of the situation but also because it was so unexpected.  Here are some points from our Investment Partners:

  • The implications for the UK and Eurozone will be prolonged and at this point are hard to predict
  • Unsurprisingly, this news will be a catalyst for futher market disruption.  However, there are many other significant issues also driving global volatility.
  • When market reactions are out of line with fundamentals, the ensuing volatiliy creates a potential opportunity for nimble investors to add value.
  • Markets tend to over-react, which tend to cause a dislocation between stock prices and actual value. 
  • Short-Term: Equities are likely to decline, particularly in the UK and Europe. 
  • Long-Term: We believe the U.K. economy will not only be able to handle the decision to leave the EU, but continue to thrive, as we remain optimistic about the U.K.’s growth outlook. Having experienced some of the strongest growth among the G7 nations over the past four years, we believe the economy is well-positioned to handle what lies ahead.

The underlying consesus from our investment team is they have been raising cash levels waiting for this kind of dislocation.  Although this type of event can feel painful, they always give an active manager an opportunity to buy great companies at a great price.

Here is a link to hear directly from Fidelity Investments.  Brexit: Opportunites for Active Management

If you have any questions please contact us. 


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